Thursday, December 18, 2014


Christmas is right around the corner (gasp!).  I'm not sure about everyone else, but I save wrapping till the last few days because I am a true blue procrastinator.  Here is a round up of some simply adorable FREE printable gift tags.  
left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Monday, December 15, 2014


Remember awhile ago when I discovered balsa wood?  Well it was a game changer and I swore I would make so many things with it.  And so these wood Christmas gift tags were born.  What could make your gift giving more special than a hand painted tag?  AND, since it would be pretty sad to throw something so beautiful away, they can use it as an ornament after.  This project is perfect to do with the kids too.

 Read the tutorial after the jump

Friday, December 12, 2014


Last year I made a TON of this garland.  I saw a similar garland at Anthropologie and instantly fell in love.  Their felt garland was a million times better than this one, but since I wanted to put it everywhere I couldn't afford to spend hundreds on just garland.  SO I decided to make my own :)  This is probably the most simple DIY ever.  

Disclaimer:  This is a time consuming craft ha ha my friends have joked about my positive outlook on how "easy" this project is.  SO yes this project takes time, but it is a brainless craft.  So pop on a movie and tie tie tie!
(This is for you Nicole ha ha ha)

Read the full tutorial after the jump.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I know I have mentioned my "mild" obsession with gift wrap before.  I just looooooove how creative and fun people get, the possibilities seem to be endless.  SO, I went through my very messy and crazy gift wrap selection and pulled out an assortment of Christmas colored wrapping and went to town.  I think you can figure out fun ways to wrap anything with stuff you already have.  
And if your wrapping selection is low, after this holiday season the crazy sales are a PERFECT time to stock up on more gift wrap supplies, or even start one. (I have a mantra that you will never have too many wrapping supplies).  I mean, there will never be a day where you wont need to go to a birthday, shower, wedding, holiday party etc.  

Here is a round up of some other amazing Christmas wrap inspiration.  It's getting me so excited for Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Have I mentioned before how I love non traditional Holiday colors?  Ha, can you tell with these ornaments?  This is such a fun DIY to do with kids, friends or just for yourself.  Its simple and a fun way to personalize your tree in style.

Read the tutorial after the Jump

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


 This is the month of sweets!  Basically the most gluttonous month of the year, and I LOVE it.  There are so many candies, cookies, pies and hot chocolates, it seriously is my sweet tooth heaven.  AND the best part is people loooooove to give you treats, which I am 100% ok with, well until my pants start to get tighter.  
I always look forward to making some fun cookies, making up a plate and passing them out to friends and neighbors.  BUT as I have said before packaging to me is everything.  So a cute craft box wrapped with a pom pom and the cutest personalized gift tag is just my style.  These personalized gift tags from Minted are so amazing!  They are like a Christmas card/ cute tag all wrapped up in one.  And so perfect for that mass production of yummy treats that you will be giving out this year.  Now who wants some cookies?

Christmas cookies DIY:

-Christmas tree cookie cutters (I got a couple from target)  Then I cut out the other trees just with a knife, easy peasy.
This was my decorating inspiration.
Bake, Frost and EAT (or I guess give them away wink wink)

Collaboration with Minted

Monday, December 1, 2014


Well it is officially Christmas time, and I am beyond excited!  We have been out of town for the last 4 days, so today is going to be spent decorating.  This pom pom garland is going up all over my house!  This project is super easy.  A little time consuming, but I love those brainless projects where I can just watch a Christmas movie and craft.  
Supplies needed:
An assortment of different yarn.  You are going to want different textures, colors, all within a similar color pallet.
It is fun to mix different yarns, for example mixing the sparkly yarn with the white, just wrap both yarns around the clover pom maker at the same time. 
I used the clover small pom pom makers.  Here is a video describing how to use them.
Lastly, once you have enough pom poms, string them together using a tapestry needle (or just a needle large enough for yarn) and yarn.

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